Hi, I am Paul Salmon author of the Amateur Photographer. I am not a professional photographer, but I do enjoy photography as a hobby and have spent many years learning and enjoying this hobby.

I decided to create this website to explain and demonstrate what I have learned over the years through both reading and practicing the art of photography. Since I am an amateur photographer, I will be using digital cameras that are not considered professional, but I use them because that are what I have to capture a particular moment in time.

I will write various articles about what I have learned about digital photography on the Amateur Photographer blog

You can view some of the photos that I have taken since I started with digital photography – both good and bad – on the portfolio page.

If you are curious as to what photography equipment I currently or have used in the past, you can find out at my photography equipment page.

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Three Core Ideas for this Blog


Information, such as tips and tricks, that I have learned about digital photography. I am always learning, and as I do, I will continue to publish what I have learned on this blog. Of course, feel free to leave you comments on the information that I provide.


Photography can be confusing at times, but I will do my best at explaining what I know in an easy-to-understand way that will take the complexity out of digital photography.


All the information I provide on this site is nothing without photographic examples. As I mentioned, I am not a professional photographer, but like anything in life, practice makes perfect so will provide photos of my practice.

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